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  Profit Sharing

Anyone can make money dealing in rare coins.  Yes, anyone! 

Everyone has old coins and paper money, and you can profit from them.  Here's how.

Omega Precious Metals has been extremely successful buying collections and hoards thanks in part to our "FINDERS".  If you know someone who has a collection or hoard of US Coins and Paper Money, and you arrange for us to purchase it, we will pay you
handsomely.  By handsomely, we mean that you share in the profits so the bigger the collection, the more you make.

No experience is necessary, that is what our buyers are for.  All you have to do is locate the collection, arrange for the shipment to our office in New York, and sit back.  It doesn't get any easier.  Our credentials immediately put prospective sellers at ease.

If you are interested in making big money working four hours a week, this is for you. This is the perfect opportunity for stay at home moms, retirees, or people who enjoy networking and talking.  Earn 30% of the profit from every deal.  Line up 1 deal per week and you could be making $100,000 per year or more.

The first step is to talk to your friends, relative and neighbors to see if they have old coins and paper money.  If they do, you are halfway done!  Once you explain to them that it is "found" money and how you can help the liquidate for top dollar, your work is virtually done.  The last step is to help the package up the collection and ship it to our corporate office for a firm offer.  Once they accept our offer, we send 2 checks; one to them for the proceeds and one to you for your share of the profit.

Locating coin collections is like fishing, you never know how big the catch is until you bring it in.  If you are interested and making money, find a US Coin & Paper Money collection, arrange to act as our representative just as a real estate agent would, and contact us at
800-474-6960 to find out the next step!  This could be the easiest job of your life!

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