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  Gold Market Update

July 22, 2011

A lot can happen in a few days! The trend we are seeing will not change for the better anytime soon.  You are here because you know that, you know that owning precious metals is a smart move.

It seems like every few days, new records are set.  Today, gold broke the $16o0 barrier and I EXPECT it to break $1700 by October 1.  Silver is struggling to get over that $40 per ounce hump, but it will.  Don't be surprised if you see $50 silver by year end.  When silver was $19 and I was screaming for people to buy it, some people listened and some said it was too high.  We now know who was right!

Certainly, everyone has an opinion.  The key to being successful is to listen to the right people. 


We specialize is bullion transactions of $100,000 or more but certainly will accommodate any and all.  Feel free to contact me directly.

Joe Hylas, President         800-474-6960 or 516-759-6960

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