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  Best Price For Your Old Gold

Anyone can claim to offer the highest price for your old gold jewelry.  When you deal with Omega Precious Metals, we back our claim up with an on the spot purchase. 



"I have been approached  by other companies wanting to use Page One Restaurant as a venue for buying gold. Not knowing them, I turned them down. I have known Joe for 10 years, both as a business person in the community and also through his long involvement in Rotary. I know what a reputable businessman he is. I can truly say he is as honest as they come and I am proud to do business with him. He, like myself, has built his reputation on being honest, and doing what's right for his customers, even if it means he makes less money. Many of my friends have bought and sold from Joe and have never been let down. I take personal recommendations very seriously. If you have jewelry that you want appraised or want to sell, trust me when I say Joe Hylas is the one to go to!"

Chef Jeanine   Page One


"I have been back to see Joe 3 times.  I was so happy, I brought friends.  He is definitely paying the highest prices!"

Emilie M.   Glen Head


"I sold to Joe and then recommended him to family and friends.  They were all shocked by how much money they received."

Lynne C.  Glen Head

There are many more testimonials from others just like the ones above.  At Omega, we treat people the way we expect to be treated.

Omega Precious Metals is a US Treasury Referred Dealer in precious metals and rare coins.  You really can't get a better recommendation than that.  Obviously, our 31 years of experience plays a big part in it.  Over the past 35 years, over $1 Billion worth of precious metals has been traded by Omega's founder and current president, Joe Hylas.

Why settle for 50 cents on the dollar when Omega will pay you so much more?  Don't be fooled by slick ads telling you how easy it is to sell your gold via mail.  Is it easy? Yes, but at a huge price! 

When you deal with Omega, we treat you the way we would want to be treated.  It's that simple.  So if you are trying to decide who to sell your old jewelry to, or where to bring your sterling silverware, the decision is an easy one; Call Omega at 516-759-6960 or 516-382-3623.

Why settle for less than you deserve?  Call Omega Today!

In addition to purchasing your old jewelry for top dollar, Omega also purchases sterling silver in all forms.  It doesn't matter if it's tarnished or mismatched, we pay the same high prices!  Silver Bars and Gold Bars?  We are always in the market for refined, COMEX acceptable bars.

Thinking about that coin collection you inherited?  Omega Precious Metals offers FREE appraisals.  People need to know exactly what they have before they make any decisions to sell or hold.  No collection is too large; let us help you determine the true value of what you own!

Call Joe Hylas directly for an appointment.  516-382-3623

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Our Experience is as Good as Gold!

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