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Thanks for visiting Omega Precious Metals!

Investing in precious metals and rare coins requires market insight that can only be acquired through experience.  Over the past 35 years, we have traded over $1 BILLION worth of precious metals and rare coins.  That experience is worth it's weight in gold. 

During the past 24 months, the US economy has continued to faulter.  Fortunes will be made by those who know what to do and when.  We can help you acquire or liquidate all precious metals, rare coins and fine jewelry 

If you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, we can help you.  Our low commission structure on bullion transactions keeps our clients coming back, some of them since we opened our doors!  We will gladly advise you which products are best and which to avoid.  Already have a portfolio?  We will happily review it and make recommendations, free of charge.

Since the 1970's, our experience and knowledge have increased and our passion for numismatics has never waned.  We still get excited when we handle true rarities or when we have the opportunity to assemble world class collections for our clients.  We have handled some of the rarest US gold coins imaginable.  We have also completed numerous Morgan Dollar collections including all of the proof issues.  We are happy to say that we have placed Chapman and Zerbe proofs with our clients, branch mint proofs, and even a proof Peace Dollar!

We do not "sell" and "buy" coins at Omega.  Rather, we "place" coins with our clients for "retrieval"  at a later date.  We take this approach because it provides us with an ongoing supply of quality numismatic material for other astute collectors.

If you are looking for one specific coin or assembling a complete collection, I invite you to contact us.  Let me show you the advantages of working with Omega.  Our experience is as good as gold!


Joe Hylas, President
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Our Experience is as Good as Gold!

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Joe Hylas